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Drea's Delights really started almost 60 years ago in a few tiny Kansas kitchens. For as long as I can remember, my mother and grandmothers were never without aprons on their waists and flour under their fingernails. My maternal grandmother, better known to most as Mom Pauline, knew just how to knead dough and "cut" the perfect sweet roll. I can still hear my paternal grandmother, Mom Irma, reminding me that "the secret to a good pie is always in the crust."


My own mother was a Home Economics teacher and if you've ever met Sally Curry, you'd surely never forget her. She's never met a stranger and it's fairly likely you've eaten something from her kitchen. She passed that on to me - so if you are ever in the area, there is always an extra seat at my table.


These are my recipes, both past and present. Either inherited or created, they've served my friends and family for many years and I'm excited to share them with you.


Cheers, ya'll!

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